About us

The Bonis-Reitter Vinery was founded 40 years ago by my grandfather János Reitter. At the begining, during my secondary school years, I just helped him out, andthen I chose Vineyards and Winery studies at College. When I finished my college studies I joined the family business. At 2007 I started to work at an Austrian Vinery, where I explore the latest technologies. We started our new product line in 2014. Since that time our activityhas had two strands: My grandfather makes average quality wines, I manufacture and sell high quality bottled wines. Our family farm has an  4 acres plantation of grapes near Sopron, at the Kogel, Steiner, Kanratz, Rusten, and Irtás dűlő near Sopron-Bánfalva. We cultivate grapes by ourselves, and produce wine with our own machinery. We sell our wine mainly at the Pálos cellar at Sopron-Bánfalva, but we represent ourselves also on different events and festivals.


Our philosophy is the manufacture modern, lively, youthful wines based on family traditions.

Péter Bónis

The Pálos Cellar

The first written records about the cellar are from 1771. The Pálos cellar was founded by Pálos monks. The cellar was in connection with the Kármelita monastery and church. Nowadays it is the property of the Borbarát Szövetkezet. This association has 6 members including my grandfather and me. The association does not make wine, in common, however its members do it individually. Stepping inside the barrel-shaped entrance the first we see is the main process room. From this room we can get to 3 corridors: The wine taste corridor, The small barrel corridor and the main corridor at the end of the cellar with huge barrels and containers. During our wine tastings, our guests can have a look centuries old history of the cellar.